Custom-Made Filter Equipment in North America

Custom Filtration Solutions

Proper filtration keeps coolants contaminant-free while protecting machinery and plant equipment and ensuring a high-quality product. Industrial Filters Company’s filtration experts can help you find the filter equipment in North America that suits even the most exacting application.

industrial filer in operation filtering liquids
a filter with a 10 foot extension
Filter on a pallet

50+ Years

Established Reputation for Filtration

IFC partners with clients around the country to meet their application-specific needs. Offering superior US-made products while adhering to your budget parameters, we have developed a reputation for reliability, integrity and client-focused service.

Our reputable filtration products include:

  • Deep Bed Filters
  • Roltray Filters
  • Filter Fabrics
Filter in use, separating contaminates
A large filter in operation filtering liquids

How It Works

Helping clients avoid the high cost of industrial liquid disposal, Industrial Filters Company engineers standard and customized filtration solutions. We assure you that our filter equipment and products are durable, reliable, and efficient. For more information, contact our filtration company today!