Effective Deep Bed Filters in North America

Deep Bed Filters

Industrial Filters Company provides effective deep bed filters in North America. These automatic filters use inexpensive filter fabrics for gravity filtration.

The deep bed filters maximize fabric life by effectively removing solids from liquids while allowing more filtering per square foot than other filter models. Additionally, the filtering mechanism moves less than one percent of the time the filter is in operation, so replacement parts and repair costs are negligible.

industrial filer in operation filtering liquids
a filter with a 10 foot extension
Filter on a pallet

50+ Years

Established Reputation for Filtration

IFC partners with clients around the country to meet their application-specific needs. Offering superior US-made products while adhering to your budget parameters, we have developed a reputation for reliability, integrity and client-focused service.

Features and Benefits

Deep bed filters offer a range of features and capabilities besides their cost-effective design. These include:

  • High Solid Volume Use
  • Variety of Flow Rates (From 5 to 450 Gallons Per Minute)
  • Durability That Allows Filters to Run 24/7 in Challenging Production Environments
  • High-Quality Filtration (Down to 1 Micron)
  • Application Versatility

Along with our standard deep bed filtration models, we manufacture custom units in carbon and stainless steel. Units with extended ramps and other options are also available. Contact our team today to learn more about our specific deep bed filtration units or request an estimate for your filtration project. We also provide roltray filters, filter fabrics, and other filtration products in North America.

Deep bed filter with centerless grinding coolant

How It Works

Contaminated liquid from the machine tool or other waste sources is accepted into the diffuser tray suspended across the filter bed. Once diffused over the filter bed, the contaminant is purified by the fabric and passed into the reservoir tank.

As sludge builds up on the filter fabrics, the impeded liquid rises slowly in the bed until the float is lifted. This causes a switch to energize the motor and index the conveyor. The fabric and sludge are then moved with the conveyor into a waste box as new fabric advances into the receding pool, stopping all movement.

A deep bed filter at a straight on angle and a left side angle
Two different deep bed filter options

Deep Bed Filters Specifications

DB-51-51 ½2444″20″15 ⅝”225
DB-151-1544869″31″17 ⅝”320
DB-2416-2889065 ½”43 ⅝”17 ⅝”580
DB-3029-391111581 ½”43 ⅝”17 ⅝”760
DB-4040-501513097 ⅝”43 ⅝”17 ⅝”940
DB-55N51-6017160114″43 ⅝”17 ⅝”1025
DB-55W51-651916089″62″17 ⅝”1025
DB-7566-8524200104″62″17 ⅝”1420