Supplying Custom-Made Filter Fabrics in North America

Filter Fabrics

Industrial Filters Company is one of the largest international suppliers of rolled filter media for industrial liquids. With over 200 possible combinations, our fabrics are available in standard widths, ten lengths, and over seven fabric grades (5 to 80 microns).

Additionally, we can customize our fabric rolls to specified yardage and widths for foreign and domestic filters.

Stacks of filter paper of different sizes

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Filter Fabric Grades

To suit your specifications, Industrial Filters Company’s filter fabrics in North America are available in the following grades:

A: Very Fine Filtration and Low Flow Rate

B: Fine Filtration and Low to Medium Flow Rate

C: Medium Filtration and Medium Flow Rate

D: Coarse Filtration and High Flow RateFor your convenience, most fabric rolls are shipped in two days or less. To inquire about filter fabric customization or discuss your needs with our filtration specialists, please get in touch with us today.

Filter Fabrics Chart

DEEP BED FILTERSW-25W-35W-45W-55W-65W-80W-90
Nominal Micron Rating*8055402520105
Fabric Material**RRRRRR
Plastic Waste (Treated)DDCBBA
Parts WashersDDCBBAA
Sewage Effluent (Tertiary Treatment)CBBA
Deburring and FinishingDCCBAA
Water Soluble Solutions
Grinding SteelCCBAAA
Grinding Cast IronDCBB A
Grinding AluminumDCBB AA
Grinding Carbide DCB BB
Belt Grinding SteelBBAA
Belt Grinding ZincCBA
Grinding Hard PlasticsCBA
Grinding Soft PlasticsCBA
Grinding Steel RollsDCBBAAA
Grinding BrassCBBBAAA
Grinding BronzeDCBBA
Machining AluminumCBAA A
Paint Spray Booth WaterBA
Zinc Phosphate Sol. “Bonderizing” C AA
Caustic Washing SolutionsCBBA A
Oil 30-100 SSU
Lapping BB
Honing BB
Oil 100-150 SSU
Quenching C A
Grinding SteelDC A
Grinding Razor BladesDC A
Belt Grinding SteelDC A
Belt Polishing Zinc, CopperCBA
Oil 150-250 SSU
Belt Grinding SteelCB
Thread GrindingCB
Flute-Tap-Die GrindingCB
Crush and Form GrindingCB